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The Trouble with DST

There are many Americans who have been complaining about daylight saving time. It's good that we have an extra hour of sleep as we set the clock back to one day.Read more about day light saving at this . Majority of Americans want to have later sunsets the whole year. Based on researches, time changes and having earlier sunsets have adverse effects on health. American people have already realized that there are more detriments to this than benefits. More independent research studies have revealed that time changes can affect our sleep patterns, our health, children's focus in school, work performance and productivity. Earlier sunsets have also been noticed to cause depression or SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder), accidents, and even fatalities due to accidents.

Now there's a petition to collect 100,000 signatures to catch Congress's attention. Once this goal is achieved, people can approach lawmakers and urge them to pass a bill in Congress about ending daylight saving time. It is said as a long process but the first steps that were taken have gone far beyond expectations.

The first to implement DST were the Germans way back 1916 for the purpose of saving energy. This was followed by the US in 1918 during some problems in war-time rations.Read more about day light saving at click here . It was controversial even during that time. Farmers were blamed for the troublesome practice and so they lobbied to have it removed. They are the ones who have to get up earlier by one hour to feed the animals and go to the market. They found it too disruptive of their routine. Unfortunately, the proponents of DST won and their reason is to save more energy costs.

The truth is that there isn't any economic justification for DST. Its primary benefit is to save costs but it's not even evident if DST really saves energy costs. DST has a lot of detrimental effects on the people. Traveling is even more difficult since different countries have different DSTs. One of the major reasons why DST is still implemented is that it is hard to get rid of once it is set in place. The major reasons for not removing are the powerful retail industry, BBQ parties, and home and gardening activities have made it necessary for DST to stay on. Having long nights means that more people can go shopping and they can go to sports games they have been waiting to watch live. The anti-DST has to come up with an organized group that can counter the retail lobby for it to be removed.Learn more from

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